About us

About Us

Making Complicated Things Simple Again.

We live in an era of innovation. Nowadays, everything you once thought impossible, is already a reality. High-quality gadgets, services and products are available, but can everyone really afford them?

The Jynxbox Alternative!

We love gadgets, we love innovation, we love free stuff! That’s why we couldn’t stand back and watch people spend thousands of dollars on expensive smart TVs and costly fees. Something had to be done. So, Jynxbox was created.

When Innovation Meets Dedication.

The Jynxbox family is a group of aspiring and highly-qualified designers, software developers and hardware experts, who shared a common dream. To make high-end, innovative and advanced technology easily accessible by anyone. Fun and entertainment should not cost a fortune.

A Dream Became A Wonderful Digital Reality!

By combining advanced hardware with innovative software and adding a sprinkle of friendly, honest and helpful customer service, we have created the recipe for success! Above all, we want to put a smile on your face. That’s why our products and services are focused solely on your excellent experience. You don’t have to be neither a millionaire nor a tech expert to use our amazing products!

All It Takes Is To Believe In Us & You Shall Not Be Disappointed!