Android TV Box What Is It and What It Can Do

Android TV Box – What Is It and What It Can Do?

We can still remember when Google shut down Google television a few years ago, people thought it was going to be the end of their Google TV journey. But it didn't take too long, as Google TV is urgently replaced by something completely different and a more innovative one – the Android TV with the assistance of Android Smart TV box.

The company like Jynxbox has already capitalized on Android TV Box and created new wave of options for the diverse users in the market today. Typically available at a very competitive price, this simple Android TV box seems attractive and amazing due to its fantastic appeal. But don’t get yourself amazed only by that, as it can work more than you imagine.

What is Android TV Box?

There are not hard definitions of what the Android device can do to be called as “TV box.” Its name is not yet official and it is just used for a simple reason – the device Android box is in a shape and size of a small box we used to see. It’s not too wide and not too tall.

How Android TV Box Differs from Mini PC Sticks?

The Android TV box often uses the same hardware like what small Mini PC sticks have. Some people are calling the Mini PC sticks as Google TV box though apparently they don’t look like a box and don’t run on the Google television. On the other hand, though Android TV box is more expensive compared to a Mini PC stick, it is more powerful and it has the capacity to do more than what Mini PC sticks can do. This is because even though both are using Cortex A9 Cores, the Mini PC sticks only have single core while the Kodi TV box has octa core. When it comes to ROM storage, the Android TV box has more and they have additional video-out opts.

What Does Android TV Box Do?

The best part about the best Android TV box is that it has an access to apps and it has functions like higher Android devices. Android TV box can also run Android apps, like web browsers and games. Using it, you can get yourself creative in the digital age. With it, you can play games on a big screen with a controller of your own choice.

You can even install media player like the XBMC now called Kodi TV; you can also download streaming applications, which are normally available from your provider; the device can be navigated using a wireless keyboard or a touchpad; etc.

Should You Buy Android TV Box?

If you want to get yourself into a never-before TV experience, then buying the best streaming media player is the best choice. Jynxbox J912 4K Android TV Box could be the right answer for this. Using the product, you are guaranteed with the simplest and easiest way to turn your home television into a free multimedia entertainment system. The features of Jynxbox J912 4K Android TV Box can amazingly blow you up.

Start the fun right inside you home. Buy your own Jynxbox J912 4K Android TV Box today!

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