Planning to Buy Android TV Box? Read This First!

In this article, I will go over the things you need to know, so you will be able to understand the effective ways to pick the best Android TV box. So, if you were trapped in a corner and don’t know what to choose in picking an Android streaming media player, keep yourself reading.

If you are in a store of candies and want to buy some as a present to your niece, with all the choices out there, you may find yourself worrying if which one your niece will like. You forgot to ask her what type of candy she wants because you are in a hurry to go to the store. Then suddenly, you found out when going home that you picked the wrong candy because you don’t even ask.
The same thing also goes when you are shopping for an Android TV box. You may more likely want to have an informed buying decision by asking the experts which one is the best. This will help in preventing you from getting a wrong investment and feel regrets of having the one that never meets your expectation. You don’t have to hurry, as we will help you using this guide.

It Needs to Have Higher Android Version

Unless if you are stuck in the 2015 of lower versions, there are absolutely no reasons for you to buy an Android TV box that still runs on Android 4.4. The fact is, we are now in 2017 and Kodi 17 will perhaps require Android 5.0. But I guess you should prefer higher than that. Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 is now available on Jynxbox J912 4K Android TV Box.

No Generic Android TV Boxes

Seriously, if a certain company cannot push their own name in a certain product offered, how much you will support it right after you handed your money to them? Think about it!

It Needs to Have a Custom Launcher

If your son, wife or other members of the family use the streaming Android box, you might not want to hear some complains from them saying that your device is not easy to use. Thus, it needs to have a custom launcher, which will allow the users to have a chance to use the device either for gaming, viewing, streaming, etc.

Don’t Bother Looking Anywhere Else

Looking for a device that has the power to turn your home into a theater is hard. But if you are serious about your searching mission, I will help you. On the site Jynxbox J912 4K Ultra HD or on Jynxbox J912 4K Ultra HD Combo, you can find what you’re looking for. Let me tell you: If you go anywhere else to buy the Kodi Android box, you are just throwing your money. The site I gave to you guarantees the best product you might be looking for. Just see it for yourself.

As there are lots of Android TV box available out there, you may ended up bothered. The best thing when choosing is that it always meets your needs. But I think it doesn’t hurt a muscle to pick something on the site I gave, either.

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